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Solar Power – Solar Heating – Solar Hot Water

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The Solar revolution is here!

Yes it’s true, we can now have the luxuries of electricity and still remain eco-friendly and green.

I for one, am an Eco Greenheart if you hadn’t already guessed. That means that I’m going to do my best to live, eat, breathe, and promote eco-green ways of life. From solar power to wind power to hydro turbines, but specifically in this post I want to highlight Solar Power.

The sun is one of the elixir’s of life, granting us an ever-present life-force through the vibrating light particles it sends forth unto the earth. I’ve heard of yogi’s that live entirely on the sustenance of the sun, and I’ve heard of homes that run their electronic products entirely on energy from the sun.

Thus we have Solar energy which is a solar energy that converts to solar electricity, and when stored in a battery and then run through an inverter it’s as though there is no difference between the grid powered lines and the off-grid powered solar systems. The big difference is in the carbon footprint left by one or the other. Solar power leaves virtually no carbon footprint behind, while grid-tied energy systems may leave more or less depending on the local power plants.

If you’re ready to live in harmony with nature and even save money in the long run, then it’s about time youlooked into what you can do to utilize solar power for your home.

Whether it be solar heating for your pool,  Solar hot water for your morning showers and white loads of laundry, a grid tied solar electricity system to sell power back to the grid, or a full-out off-grid solar electricity system to power your essentials.

Here’s a link to check out a reputable Solar Energy company. Take a look at their products and see what you can fit into your home to make it, and the planet a little greener. Click Here!